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Why is MAIWE’s rosehip oil better than other, cheaper rosehip oils on the market?

Our Rosehip Oil Serum is not just a rosehip oil. It contains 3 important ingredients:

Cold-pressed seed oil from Chile - made in small batches just for MAIWE from recently harvested rosehips, with Margarita who is at the head of a local family business

Supercritical extract from rosehip seeds - an advanced technique practiced in Germany

The particularly vitamin-dense supercritical extract of the rosehip fruit.

All of the ingredients are organic certified.

Is rosehip safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, totally. It does contain natural vitamin A, but far from any harmful concentrations This has been 100% confirmed by the dermocosmetic lab we work with. It’s mainly the synthetic retinol that you need to be careful with, when you would use it in high doses.

Great plus: MAIWE’s products don’t contain any essential oils either, so they’re extra safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And: rosehip is an amazing oil to use on stretch marks!

Does MAIWE’s Facial Cream contain SPF?

No, it does not contain SPF. And here’s why! As a rule, sunscreen is meant to sit on the skin to act as a defense between your face and the sun. It's generally not meant to penetrate the skin, because it's supposed to block out all harmful UV rays. Moisturizers, on the other hand, are the opposite; their very purpose is to penetrate the skin, adding moisture and actives to deeper skin layers.

Proper solar protection requires a specific amount of SPF in order for it to be effective, leaving little room for other active ingredients in a formula. Most importantly, when exposed to air and light, sunscreen becomes ineffective after a short period of time (about 90 minutes max). You need to reapply it when your skin is exposed to the sun.

The best way to treat your skin is to put on a hydrating moisturizer such as the Balancing Facial Cream first, then apply an SPF 30 or more each morning and reapply throughout the day.

Skin concerns

How to know which product to use for my skintype?

MAIWE’s products are suitable for all skin types - as gentle cleansing, very good moisturization and the magics of Rosehip work wonders for lots of skin types. We believe in a customizable skincare routine, where you combine the products according to your needs. Have a look at our Maiwe Rituals to know which routine is right for you.

You can determine your skin type by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and waiting a few hours:

If it feels rather dry and flaky, you have dry skin.

Shiny skin is oily skin.

An oily T-zone with dry cheeks for example is combination skin.

Your skin type can change given the time of the year, your monthly cycle and age.

Do you recommend rosehip for acne-prone skin?

I have suffered a lot from acne myself. Rosehip is amazing to diminish acne scars, and its linolenic acid will battle acute acne and make your skin less oily. The Rosehip Oil Serum is a great way to balance your skin and make it more calm.

It is important is to cleanse gently as well, for example with the Double Cleansing Ritual, and to bring in a lot of moisture. The Balancing Facial Cream is a great, lightweight & fragrance free cream to moisturize your skin and protect your skin barrier.

Never dry your skin out, and stick to a minimalistic skincare routine such as MAIWE’s Rosehip line.

Know that hormonal acne can never be fully solved with skincare only, so expect realistic results and think of other lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, avoiding stress and focusing on those vitamins. An occasional facial treatment can do wonders for your skin too.

What can I do about dull skin?

Dullness essentially refers to a lack of radiance or an inability to reflect light well. Dull skin can have different causes:

The accumulation of dead skin cells on the outer layers of the skin can cause your skin to look dry, dull and pores might even be clogged. The enzymatic exfoliators in the Purifying Cream Cleanser make sure you get rid off these dead skin cells and reveal smoother, healthier skin layers.

Ongoing, daily exposure to air pollution has a huge impact on the skin’s health and appearance. They cause free radical damage, which leads to deterioration of the skin. It also throws your skin’s microbiome out of balance. Adding rosehip’s vitamins and antioxidants to your routine, for example with the Rosehip Oil Serum, and prebiotics from the Balancing Facial Cream will protect your skin.

Stress is a trigger for many health issues, and an unhealthy, dull complexion sure is one of them. Stress hormones such as cortisol can trigger breakouts, dull skin, accelerate aging and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Try to adjust your lifestyle with small hacks. Skincare is about improving your skin’s health, but it can also be a moment to spend with yourself, to unwind and be present in the moment. The Double Cleansing Ritual is a perfect way to do just that.

A lack of moisture will definitely enhance a dull complexion. Key is to moisturize your skin topically at least twice a day with water-binding molecules such as hyaluronic acid and squalane, present in the Balancing Facial Cream, and drink enough water. Beauty truly comes from within!

What causes redness and what can I do about it?

Redness and rosacea is a long-term skin condition, of which the reasons are unknown. It is more common among women and people with lighter skin. Unfortunately it can’t be fully cured, yet it can be treated. A few tips on how to deal with redness are:

Protect your skin really well from the sun

You need an extra strong and protected microbiome to counter symptoms. Apply pre- and probiotics with the Balancing Facial Cream to diversify and strengthen your skin barrier.

Sometimes red flashes are triggered by alcohol, spicy food or caffeine. Important is to use skincare that is suitable for sensitive skin, such as MAIWE’s skincare range. If the symptoms are really severe and discomforting you, you might want to visit a dermatologist who will probably prescribe creams with antibiotics.

Can skin aging be treated?

Aging is an inevitable part of life. So is aging skin. And while you can’t control the aging process, you can adopt a lifestyle that helps provide your skin with the nourishment and hydration it needs to stay healthy and vibrant.

Drink plenty of water

Avoid stress

Protect your skin from the sun every day

Do your skincare right: Double Cleansing Ritual at night, vitamin-infused treatment with Rosehip Oil Serum (vitamin A is a true booster for cell renewal, read more on The Vitamin Guide) and moisturize twice a day with the Balancing Facial Cream.

Try to embrace your wrinkles, they are a sign of life and the things you’ve been through. They’re a part of who you are.


How sustainable is MAIWE?

MAIWE strongly believes in ecology, it’s part of our brand’s DNA:

We focus on wildharvested, non-threatened plants. These are very resilient, never cultivated and thus never treated. They grow on soils where agriculture is difficult such as mountain ridges or lake beaches.

The rosehip that comes from Chile travels once a year, right after harvest season. The social impact of this part of our business is of great value.

We formulate our products according to the EcoCert natural cosmetics standard.

We use almost only recyclable glass as packaging.

Our production, packaging and development is all based in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

We don’t believe in an excess of products: excellent, minimalistic skincare works for a range of different skin types.

We’re not perfect, but we always strive for sustainability and have it in mind in every step of our business.