Our Story

Powered by science. Rooted in nature. Inspired by beauty.

Created by Belgian bio-engineer Maayke Ruyffelaere, Maiwe is the fruit of a long quest for a transformative solution for her own reactive skin. When she first discovered what wild rosehip could do for her skin, she knew she was onto something special.

The name comes from Lake Maihue, or Maiwe in its original spelling. This magical lake in the southern Andes mountains lies in protected indigenous territory and is surrounded by native forest, endemic plants and volcanoes. Our treasured rosehips are harvested from wild roses that thrive in these untamed natural surroundings. This is the place in Chile we would escape to every time we had the chance to. It’s the place where we first heard about wild rosehip, speaking to local women that live in this remote area of the world.

"Rosehip is a plant that ticks all the boxes, an ingredient that matches our values throughout the entire line."

a radically sustainable ingredient

We fell head over heels for rosehip, in the first place for its exceptional skin properties. But there’s more. Besides the unique properties that benefit reactive skin, wild rosehip has a very low ecological footprint. This wild plant does not need any water, fertilizers or external input. It grows in wild conditions, such as rocky, sandy soils and the higher parts of the Andes mountains. It doesn’t occupy any land that could potentially be used for agricultural crops. Last but not least, the harvest of the plant has a social impact. As it’s not limited to private property, harvest is available as an extra source income for those that need it most. A plant that ticks all the boxes, an ingredient that matches our values throughout the entire line.

"From how ingredients are sourced and products are crafted, to how skincare is applied to the skin and the effect it has on your mood and wellbeing: beauty is a silent source of power."


To protect the delicate balance of sensitive skin, we never use fragrances or other inflammatory ingredients. Maiwe believes in a minimalistic skincare routine: fully protect and nourish your skin with just a few essentials. Our products are suited for all skin types, but are specifically life-changing for those of you with reactive skin issues such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Combination, aging skin in need of extra hydration and facing occasional breakouts will find a true match in our soothing rosehip line.

We believe the right skincare is an important piece of a holistic puzzle when tackling the challenge of reactive skin. Nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances and DNA all play a role. We want you to feel good about yourself and the skin you are in. Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin. Confident and free, natural and real. From how ingredients are sourced and products are crafted, to how they are applied on the skin and the effect they have on your mood and wellbeing, beauty is a silent source of power. Join us if real beauty resonates as much to you as it does to us.