Our Story

Science-based. Female-driven. All Natural.

MAIWE stands for clean and natural skincare formulated with botanical ingredients from the south of Chile, stimulating female entrepreneurship across its entire supply chain. Our inspiration comes from Lake Maihue, or Maiwe in its original spelling. This magical lake in the southern Andes mountains lies in protected indigenous territory and is surrounded by native forest, endemic plants and volcanoes. Our treasured rosehips are harvested from wild roses that thrive in these untamed natural surroundings.

Our products are developed in-house by founder and bio-engineer Maayke Ruyffelaere according to the standards of natural skincare. We use only essential, raw ingredients such as natural oils and powders, and innovate with plant-based natural actives such as ferments, enzymes and fruit acids.

To protect the delicate balance of sensitive skin, we never use fragrances or other inflammatory ingredients. MAIWE believes in a minimalistic skincare routine: fully protect and nourish your skin with just a few essentials. Our products are suited for all skin types, but specifically serve aging skin in need of extra hydration and facing occasional breakouts.

"Our first, essential rosehip line comes from handpicked buds of the Andes mountains in southern Chile. From these fruits we extract the most valuable youth- preserving oil."


Female entrepreneurship is at the core of what moves us. The wild rosehips are handpicked by Chilean women and a fair amount of our oil is produced in small batches by a female-run company in southern Chile. We intend to coordinate the picking locally and set up an oil press with home-grown rosehip only.

Involving the Maiwe lake’s women in the complete production process creates financial security throughout the year, not only during harvest season. Part of the profit will support sustainable development projects in the area.