Maiwe is on a mission to help you feel good about the skin you are in. We want everyone to discover the power of wild rosehip and soothe reactive skin, naturally.


The Lab is a multifunctional space, an experience store where people can shop, meet, attend workshops and talks, bring in their empty packaging and get immersed in the world of Maiwe.


The Rosehip Oil Serum is a unique blend of three ingredients derived from the wild roses Rosa canina and Rosa rubiginosa. An incredible source of vitamins and essential fatty acids, the versatile properties of rosehip to tackle skin concerns are impaired. Discover Maiwe's bestseller, a youth-preserving Serum that creates glow and smoothes out wrinkles, scars, and acne.


“Maiwe is a glacier lake in the Chilean Andes we would always go to with our family. The mountains are covered with wild roses. This is where I first discovered the incredible effect of wild rosehip on my troubled skin. This brand is a tribute to its people, its nature and the unbeatable properties of wild rosehip."

What people say about our rosehip line

My favourite step in my skincare routine


The Activated Toning Mist is so refreshing and tonifying. It’s my absolute favorite now during these hot summer days, after I cleanse my skin and before I put my Facial Cream on. I love how it prepares your skin for the nurturing cream. And I love that it’s fragrance free too!

- Ruth

Very satisfied with the Cream Cleanser


A few months ago, I discovered Maiwe's products. Since then, I have used them daily to cleanse and nourish my difficult (combination) skin. My skin has become much calmer. The Purifying Cream Cleanser is my absolute favorite! After many years of using various other cleansing products, this is truly a breath of fresh air. No more tight feeling after cleansing. So pure and gentle!

- Marie

Incredibly soft without feeling oily


Great cream! Because I still suffer from acne, many creams feel too greasy. The Balancing Facial Cream is a pleasure to apply: it absorbs almost immediately and makes my skin softer. My skin no longer feels tight, and is firmer without feeling oily. You only need very little, so one bottle lasts a long time.

- Nele


Skincare and beauty are often set aside as something superficial. But when your skin doesn’t look healthy, and suffers from redness, inflammations or severe acne, it can really weigh on your self esteem. I know, because I’ve been there too.

Read my story
Karine Claassen

A few years ago, I saw a documentary series that blew my mind. Called “Life in Colour”, the series explores the lives of Belgian citizens with different skin tones and how racism and discrimination had impacted the way they grew up. I watched the series twice. Karine Claassen created the series after giving birth to her son Otis Mumba. Becoming a mother exposed the need to explore her own childhood, and talk about it with peers. Being a young mother myself, I could totally recognize Karine’s stage of life, and state of mind...