Stay Hydrated: Almost-Spring Skincare Tips


As the seasons shift, your skincare routine needs a seasonal update as well. The dry warmth of the heater, bike rides through the freezing cold, biting wind on your face, a steaming shower after a brisk winter walk, glaring sun on the slopes, ... not to mention the impact of the lack of daylight: the combination of dry coldness and additional artificial heat is a recipe for dry, fragile and overall uncomfortable skin. No matter your skin type, you can use a boost to beat the winter blues and get ready for a blooming spring.



What happens in Winter? 

With every degree the temperature goes down, your skin produces 10% less oil. Winter air is less humid, which makes it more difficult for your skin to lock in moisture. If you add icy wind and cold rain - combined with extra dry heat inside due to more central heating and less ventilation - you’ve got the perfect combination for a bad skin situation. Face, lips, hands, legs ... can become dry, red, itchy, tight and flaky. Especially if you have a more sensitive complexion, you’re likely to feel and see these changes during winter.




These 3 skincare combinations can help to make your skin shine brighter during the darker months and get you ready for a sunkissed glow once Spring arrives: 


1. Double Cleansing 

The Double Cleansing Ritual is a skincare classic, and for good reason. Our Purifying Cream Cleanser (€36,00) and Nourishing Oil Cleanser (€42,00) purify the surface of the skin, removing all traces of make-up, skin cells and other residue in a gentle but effective way. A grey, dull skin will benefit and clear up, leaving you with a smoother, nourished complexion. Both products are great to keep your skin moisturised, and won’t dry out your skin any further.




2. Soothing Mist + Nurturing Balm

A wonderful duo to really treat yourself! A few spritzes of the Activated Toning Mist (€46,00) create a first hydrating layer, while the active ingredients in this handy spray will penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. Our Mist is made using a fermented formula which makes it easier for the skin to take in all good ingredients, also of products you use afterwards.
After the Mist, a layer of Rosehip Rescue Balm (€38,00) can do wonders. Apply a generous layer using your fingers to give yourself a little massage as well. That way, the Balm can really enter the skin deep enough for full effect. The Balm is an ideal allrounder, especially for skin that's already been damaged: chapped lips, cracked fingers and flaky legs get a much-needed layer of protection, relief and nourishment.



3. Facial Cream + Serum 

Our Balancing Facial Cream (€46,00) is the perfect day-to-day hydrating product, from morning to evening. The Rosehip Oil Serum (€40,00) will repair and regenerate, adding plenty of vitamins. The combination of both only adds to the list of benefits. You can use both together or alternate between the two items, layering them how you please: ending with the Serum will make sure the Cream can penetrate deeper, while ending with the Cream will lock in the Serum, creating a sort of protecting capsule around the oily substance of the Serum, which is perfect for drier skin types.