Tips and tricks by beauty expert Florence Teerlinck



A few weeks ago, we invited makeup and beauty expert Florence Teerlinck to host a workshop at The Lab. Curious to know how the founder of The Mobile Makeup Bar obtains that natural, radiant look, we gathered around the Lab table and got to know how she uses makeup to the skin’s advantage. Throughout her presentation, I mostly remembered: less is more. Enjoy my notes from another great evening at The Lab, and get a taste of Florence’s insider tips!


About your skin tone

- Don’t feel the need to use foundation and correcting creams over your entire face! Use it only where you need it. If you have a nice natural colour on your cheeks, there’s no need to cover this with a foundation and then correct it again with an artificial blush. Try to avoid layering many different products for a natural look.
- If your budget allows it, buy two different colors of corrector: a lighter and a darker cream. In summer, you will use the darker one, in winter the lighter one, and during the year you can blend the two in ratios that perfectly match your skin tone of the moment.



- A great option for a natural effect is to blend your foundation with your moisturizer, the Balancing Facial Cream has the perfect texture to do so.
- Remember that a darker concealer will hide imperfections, a lighter one is drawing attention to them. So if you want to cover up spots or dark circles, don’t use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone.
- Skincare is everything. Cleansed skin that is thoroughly hydrated will look healthy and bright from itself. Makeup is just there to correct a few imperfections and highlight your facial features. In the Maiwe Box, you’ll find everything you need to take care of your skin and enhance a healthy look. Use your hands to massage your skin while applying the Rosehip Oil Serum, it improves the blood circulation and will instantly make your skin look much better and more plump.


Extra tip for the eye area 

- There’s no need to use concealer all over your under eye area. Often, a tired look comes from the eyes’ side corners. Do not use the concealer right up until your eye, it will make your eyes look smaller and creep into the fine lines.




Finishing touch

- Top off your look with a dash of Rosehip Rescue Balm to highlight your cheekbones and eyelids!


About the lips 

- It all starts with hydrated lips. Take a bit of Rosehip Rescue Balm and blend it with some unrefined cane sugar. Scrub your lips, this will remove the loose skin parts, make your lips look more plump and glowy, and it’s edible too!


- And now, the Perfect Red Lip technique! Apply the lipstick on the back of your hand and pat with your finger. Start pressing the lipstick in your lips. First follow the contour of your cupid bow and mark the shape of your lips. If your lips are facing down, you can just avoid the angles, and reshape your lips by yourself using your patting lipstick finger. Repeat until you have beautiful red lips. You can use the lipstick itself at the end in the centre of your lips for an extra effect!




The Rosehip Rescue Balm