The MAIWE Rituals

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We don’t believe in stereotypes. Skins that suffer from dryness, oiliness, fine lines and wrinkles or acne don’t necessarily need different skincare products. They need slightly different rituals, different levels of nourishment and frequency of using the products. 

Meet our MAIWE Rituals, a guideline on how to design your skincare routine using four essential products.



The basics always remain the same: gentle cleansing, profound hydration and specific treatment.⁠ The versatile characteristics of rosehip make it a perfect ingredient in any healthy skincare routine, whether your skin is oily or dry, or suffers from acne, dry patches, hyperpigmentation or even eczema.⁠
Depending on your cycle, age, the season and location, your skin can change. That’s why we designed our skincare to be beneficial for so many skin types, yet customizable according to your individual needs. ⁠



For dry skin types







For oily skin types






Customize your skincare routine according to your personal needs, using our simple four-step skincare range. 


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