Pisco Sour


September is a month of celebrations. Chileans commemorate their independance and the arrival of Spring and light, while MAIWE comes closer to its second birthday. Lemons are in season and are being picked all over the south of Europe. Our founder Maayke and her daughter Filippa blow the candles of their birthday cakes. Honestly, there are a thousand reasons right now to share the recipe of our favourite Chilean aperitivo: el Pisco Sour.



What you need for the perfect Pisco Sour
  • ice cubes (Chileans always keep lots of ice in the freezer) 
  • PISCO (try to get Alto del Carmen, at Oxfam or a specialty liquor store) 
  • lemons, of course (non-treated, of course) 
  • syrup (we’re using our own elderflower sugar syrup that we made in Spring) 
  • a few drops of Amargo d’Angostura (bitter drops, you can get them at Delhaize) 
  • a shaker

 pisco sour recipe

 This recipe makes two Pisco Sour

  • Fill up the shaker with ice cubes
  • Add 2 x 3 units (the cover of the shaker) of PISCO
  • Add 2 x 1 unit of freshly squeezed lemon juice 
  • Add 2 x 1 unit of syrup 
  • Close the shaker and shake it with all you've got 
  • Serve with love 
  • Add some drops of Amargo d'Angostura on top