Carolina Pizzutilo

Carolina pizzutilo


Meet Carolina Pizzutilo, the founder of the conscious beauty platform Ada Studios. Carolina has been a major source of inspiration to me when it comes to beauty and wellness. She works, lives and trains Pilates between Milan, Antwerp and the world.

As a true fan of Double Cleansing, here she guides you through our newest Ritual. 




Step 1: Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Massage the Cleansing Oil into your skin adding a little bit of water for extra comfort. Rinse it off, as the formula will emulsify to remove make-up, SPF and superficial impurities. The botanicals in here, such as rosehip, pomegranate and moringa, are all antioxidant-bombs. These will neutralize and protect your skin from free radicals.
We especially recommend this step for city dwellers and those who wear make-up. 







Carolina Pizzutilo   



Step 2: Purifying Cream Cleanser

The Cream Cleanser has smaller particles, and allows for a more in-depth purification of the skin. Containing also squalane, it’s a perfect match to combine cleansing and hydration. The wild chamomile is soothing and calms down the skin.
Massage gently into damp skin and rinse off with lukewarm water.







Double Cleansing Ritual