Clarisse Bruynbroeck


Clarisse Bruynbroeck is the fourth woman to feature our series of testimonials. True customers of ours who share a bit more about themselves, their skin and their experience with Maiwe. We spent a special afternoon with Clarisse, in the intimacy of her goldsmith atelier in Berchem. This is what we talked about while admiring her pieces of jewelry and sharing a home brewn cup of coffee.




Hi Clarisse, can you introduce yourself?

“Sure (smiles). My name is Clarisse, and I design and make jewelry for my brand Woche. The pieces I make are intended for daily wear. I started my brand out of a need for simple, beautiful jewelry that isn’t too classical either. The brand was born about five years ago. I studied jewelry design in Antwerp, and made my way through visual arts too. But I kept coming back to jewels. That simplicity, that’s what I was drawn to, it was my creative driver. It was my ambition to create ‘invisible jewelry’ that was very present at the same time. Light and bendable, almost like a second skin.”


 clarisse bruynbroeck woche



Can you tell us a bit more about your skin? Do you have any skin concerns? How is your relationship to skincare?

“I have rather dry, sensitive skin. I need lots of hydration, but it can’t be too heavy either. Lately, because of the face masks we’re wearing all the time, I suffer a bit more from acne. During my teens, skincare didn’t mean that much to me. My skin didn’t show any particular needs, but a few years later that started to change. I was always looking for the essential skincare set of products that simply nourished my skin and gave the care I needed. A gentle cleanser and a nourishing moisturizer are the basics. Besides that, I like to experiment with a new type of serum, or a mask. But I want to rely on my daily routine, and I think I might have found that now with Maiwe. I also particularly enjoy the act of doing your skincare routine. Looking in the mirror, and taking a moment for yourself.”





“ I enjoy the peaceful feeling that comes with a daily skincare routine. It’s about taking a moment for yourself.”







What’s your experience with the Maiwe line?

“Initially, I was drawn to the vibe the brand radiates. I love to reflect upon daily rituals, and take my time for them. It calms me down in the rat race of life. Drinking a cup of coffee, doing my skincare routine, taking a shower. I don’t rush through those acts, I like to take my time for them. Maiwe felt like a match with that philosophy. I met Lisbeth Antoine, Maiwe’s graphic designer, and she told me about the potency of the Rosehip Oil Serum. I was so curious to try the brand out, and I also loved its pure design. I like to surround myself with beautiful objects, also in the bathroom (smiles). My first Maiwe product was the Purifying Cream Cleanser. I was so enthusiastic and satisfied, that I bought the Rosehip Oil Serum shortly after. The first time you use the Serum, the natural smell is very impressive. I love how raw it is, as I don’t like fragranced skincare. The Serum is so gentle. In the beginning, I forgot to apply my moisturizer afterwards, as my skin already felt so soft and nourished after a few drops. I have the feeling my skin tone is getting much more even since I started using it. And what I absolutely love is the glowy colour it leaves on the skin. You instantly look much more awake (laughs).”






“The Rosehip Oil Serum is soft and nourishing. It’s improving my skin tone and I love its glowy colour.”






clarisse bruynbroeck woche






Rosehip Oil Serum


maiwe rosehip oil serum