Caroline de Maeyer

Caroline de Maeyer is the second woman to feature our new series of testimonials. True customers of ours who share a bit more about themselves, their skin and their experience with Maiwe. We spent a sunny afternoon with Caroline, enjoying the company of her vibrant personality and that contagious laugh. This is what we talked about while relaxing in her cool apartment and skating around the south of Brussels.



Hi Caroline, can you tell us something about yourself?

 “My name is Caroline, I work as a director and script supervisor for films, series and an occasional independent project. Besides film, I’ve always been very much into music. I used to deejay a lot, something I would love to restart. I’m also a true surf lover, and during the lockdown I’ve started to skate as well. I have been living in Brussels for about five years now.  ”


caroline de maeyer rozenbottel olie serum



 Can you tell us a bit more about your skin?

“I would say I have combination skin. My T-zone is a bit oily, while I have some dryer patches too. Overall, my skin is quite sensitive. I need to keep my skin really hydrated during all seasons. Because of the work I do on set – mostly outdoors, long hours, in all types of weather – I need to take extra care of my skin. When I surf too, I tend to get some red, dry patches when I get out of the cold North Sea.”




“I need to keep my sensitive skin very well hydrated.”




caroline de maeyer



What’s your experience with the Maiwe line?

“It was the story behind Maiwe’s products that initially caught my attention. The fact that the Rosehip Oil Serum is made of wild rosehips, handpicked in Chile by local women. I found it interesting, it triggered me. As I have combination skin, I need a lot of hydration, but a product can’t be too heavy on my skin. At first, I was a bit hesitant, I thought the Oil Serum could be too oily for me, but that’s not at all how it felt. It just felt really good, and it gave me a kind of glow. Later, I tried to blend some drops with the Facial Cream and that also felt really nice and smooth. The products are very moisturizing without that oily feel. That can be very hard to find in a product, that combination of a truly nurturing texture, without that heavy feel. Since then, I’m a true fan, as the balance is just right for me.”




“Maiwe’s products are very moisturizing without that oily feel. I’m a true fan, as the balance is just right for me.”






caroline de maeyer rozenbottel olie serum






Balancing Facial Cream


balancing facial cream