Botanical remedies

The knowledge of Chile's indigenous community about the country's botanical treasures has been built up over centuries. Mapuche medicine essentially is magical-religious in nature. They believe disease is caused by supernatural factors, such as spells and that it is curable by treatments based on rituals, thermal waters and herbs. 

Knowledge of medicinal herbs is one of the best-known elements of Mapuche medicine and is still used today.

Dive into the fascinating plant world with us & enjoy this growing list of endemic botanicals from Chile!



1. Matico   2. Maqui

3. Rosehip   4. Chilco

 5. Copihue  




According to a legend, this plant got its name from a Spanish wounded soldier called Matico. He learned from the Mapuche who applied it against bleeding. This is why this plant is also called 'hierba del soldado’.

Match is antiseptic for wounds and its herbal tea also helps relieve stomach aches.




A symbol of peace and good intention, maqui is an essential part of the Mapuche’s diet and traditional medicine. Over the last years, maqui has been picked up as the “new açaí berry”, being loaded in antioxidants, bringing many health benefits, including reduced inflammation, blood sugar control and heart health.

Its potential in skincare is huge, we’ve been working on a new formula with maqui in our lab that will be released soon! 




Mapuche have used the wild rosehip for many centuries – they make a jam from it which is very rich in vitamin C and still very popular.

They also use the oil to massage their skin, particularly on the face. Rosehip oil is considered an ancient medical technique for healing the skin. It is traditionally used to soothe sunburn and other burns, heal scarring, treat baby rash and stretch marks during pregnancy and protect the skin from the harsh high altitudes. 





The chilco is a magical native plant, with edible flowers. It is mostly known for how it relieves menstrual pain and as a diuretic remedy.

The bark, leaves, flowers and fruits are used to make infusions. 

The Copihue is Chile’s national flower. The fruits, called "pepinos", are edible and have a sweet and refreshing taste. From a medicinal point of view, the Mapuche extract a liquid from the flowers that is used as eye drops.
The infusion of the leaves is used for nervous problems, to fight fatigue and restorative after long periods of illness.







Rosehip Oil Serum

The Rosehip Oil Serum contains 100% organic rosehip seeds and fruits. A concentrated blend of vitamins and essential fatty acids that will deeply nourish and heal the skin.


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