My Maqui Breakfast



Remember maqui? It’s that antioxidant-loaded superfood straight from the Andes. The maqui berry has been harvested for thousands of years by indigenous people of Chile, the Mapuche, who consider it a symbol of goodwill and peaceful intention. At your local organic store you can buy a freeze-dried maqui powder that I absolutely love. Combined with pomegranates, unsweetened yoghurt and a great granola, you have my favourite breakfast recipe at hand.



Maqui berries have a deep purple color, which they get from the anthocyanins — the group of antioxidants that give fruit and veggies a purple colour.
Studies show eating foods rich in anthocyanins, like the maqui berry, may prevent certain chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This is because antioxidants, like anthocyanins, help fight free radicals. While the body naturally produces these molecules, you’re also exposed to them through chemicals or environmental agents, such as pollution.
Free radicals have a single, unpaired electron. That means they’re reactive and unstable. Because of this, they’ll seek out other molecules to either take away an electron or give them their extra electron. When this happens, more free radicals are created, which causes damage and destroys our cells and DNA. When too many free radicals are produced, that’s when oxidative stress occurs, which leads to the chronic diseases mentioned above. To know more about the importance of antioxidants in healthy living, read along on our Maiwexicon.
Maqui’s health benefits are multiple: maqui berries can fight inflammation, promote a healthy heart, benefit your gut and can regulate your blood sugar. In skincare, its high antioxidant levels give amazing results in antiaging and boosting healthy, glowing skin.



This time of year I always have pomegranates. Pomegranates are an excellent aid for boosting immunity, and its antioxidants and flavonoids fight diabetes, keep blood pressure in check, smoothen digestion and make your skin glow too.
Pomegranates help to improve skin health by reducing wrinkles, preventing sun damage, detoxifying the skin, reducing acne, and promoting collagen production to reduce fine lines.
Plus, they are the most beautiful, fun and aesthetically appealing fruit.


To make my favourite breakfast loaded in nutrients, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, you need the following ingredients:
- Granola
- Yoghurt (sometimes I have it plant-based, sometimes not, I just make sure it’s unsweetened)
- Pomegranate
- Maqui






Nourishing Cleansing Oil

We’re very excited as this season we’re working in the lab on a new product with maqui! For now, you can find the power of organic pomegranate extract in the Nourishing Cleansing Oil.