Activated Toning Mist
From €24,00
Fermented Extracts, Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera

21 reviews
Balancing Facial Cream
From €22,00
Organic Rosehip, Prebiotics and Hyaluronic Acid

44 reviews
Digital Gift Card
From €25,00
The perfect gift allowing your loved one to curate the skincare of their choice

2 reviews
Gentle Rosehip Soap
Rosehip, Jojoba and Coconut

Handpainted Soap Dish
One of a kind ceramic dish by Loreto Figueroa

1 review
Nourishing Oil Cleanser
From €24,00
Organic Rosehip, Pomegranate and Moringa

28 reviews
Purifying Cream Cleanser
From €20,00
Organic Rosehip, Wild Chamomile and Squalane

26 reviews
Rosehip Oil Serum
From €18,00
Organic Rosehip Seed Oil and Extracts

109 reviews
Rosehip Rescue Balm
From €22,00
Organic Rosehip Seed Extract, Jojoba

14 reviews
The Double Cleansing Ritual
€74,00 €78,00
Our Two-Step Ritual for Purified Skin

11 reviews
The Maiwe Box
€210,00 €248,00
Our Complete Rosehip Ritual

18 reviews
Travel Set
€105,00 €130,00
The ideal discovery box

1 review