The Opening of The Lab



Last Thursday, we officially opened the new Lab in the presence of the people who have helped me grow Maiwe from up close. Seeing the idea of The Lab come to life during this opening weekend exceeded my wildest dreams. Welcome to our new space of skincare experimentation, innovation and inspiration!


All pictures were made by the talented photographer Birgit Sterckx





Seeing the idea of The Lab come to life during the opening weekend exceeded my wildest dreams. On Friday, the artist Loreto Figueroa from Paramo Gres was live painting for all vistors whilst massage therapist Yoana Eceiza gave relaxing facial massages. On Saturday we hosted an inspiring Beauty Brunch together with Océane Taquoi by Labelchic and ended with a delicious kombucha tasting by Figa Kombucha.





"Maiwe is so much more than just a group of products. It's a way of life, and that's the way of life I want to bring to The Lab. But even more personal, Maiwe feels like a tool for me to lead an interesting life. And that interesting life is entirely created by the people I meet along the way."






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