Lisah Adeaga

Lisah Adeaga is the third woman to feature our new series of testimonials. True customers of ours who share a bit more about themselves, their skin and their experience with Maiwe. We spent an energetic morning with Lisah, enjoying the sound of her voice and her refreshing point of view on the meaning of skincare. This is what we talked about while spending time together in her bright apartment and strolling around Antwerp’s lovely Rivierenhof.


Hi Lisah, how would you introduce yourself?

“What a difficult question to start with (smiles). My identity, right? Well, my name is Lisah Adeaga, I’m 26 years old and I have been living in Antwerp my whole life. A big part of that life has been spent on stage, where I have been dancing, singing and pretending to be another person. On stage, I try to empty myself as much as possible from identitary concepts, norms and values, while I use my body to transmit a certain energy to the public, to create a space that allows people to step out of those limiting concepts too.”






Can you tell us a bit more about your skin? Do you have any skin concerns? How is your relationship to skincare?

“I had to learn how to listen to my skin, and understand what it is trying to tell me. There’s a kind of language that the body speaks, where it’s telling you how it really feels. According to me, the skin is the perfect communicator to translate that message. One has to listen to the signs the body is sending. Knowing how to do that is a process that takes time. Personally, I’ve always found that to be quite the challenge. My skin is the perfect communication tool with my inner world.”
“Skincare is a similar story: learn how to observe what your skin likes, and what it doesn’t. In a world where we’re overwhelmed with skincare advice, the art lies in muting those voices, and observe our own skin and what its needs are. From experience, I’ve learned that the purity of a product is a good measure for my skin’s reaction. Purity relates to the ingredients, but also to its origin, to the people involved in making the product, and the whole process the product has been through before it touches your skin.”




“My skin is the perfect communication tool with my inner world.”




lisah adeaga



What’s your experience with the Maiwe line?

“I got to know Maiwe in a very personal way, through meeting Maayke. I was very curious about the products, I wanted to know how my skin would react to them. Honestly, she was totally right (smiles), my skin was really happy when I started using Maiwe. Knowing that it is a local brand as well, that I know where and how the products are being made, simply makes it complete.”
“In certain periods of my life, I suffer from eczema. That often happens when the outside world gets too loud, too intense. That’s really when I need calming products, skincare that doesn’t agitate my skin but soothes it. When I started using Maiwe, I was under a lot of stress. I saw it as an ultimate test, to see whether the products would calm and regulate my skin, or challenge it even more. They definitely calmed my skin down. I love how the products are flexible and adapt to what my skin needs. They’re not heavy or invasive at all. That’s what I need in skincare.”


lisa rozenbottel olie



“Maiwe’s products passed the ultimate test. They brought calm to my skin when I most needed it.”





Rosehip Oil Serum


maiwe rosehip oil serum