Isla Negra

Close to Valparaiso, on the coast of Chile, lies the magical beach of Isla Negra.⁠ Known for the unique home that the poet Pablo Neruda built by the ocean, Isla Negra had been on my bucket list for years already. In January, I could finally visit this legendary place.



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Pablo Neruda's endless imagination gave this home by the ocean a magic aura, through his playful collections of interesting objects, unique living spaces and unconventional lifestyle.  

Neruda, a known lover of the sea, built the inside of his home to resemble a ship. Think low ceilings, creaking wood floors and narrow hallways.





Isla Negra is home to an intriguing community of writers, artists and artisans.





When I was descending the rocky road to visit Neruda's home, I started chatting with a Mapuche artisan. He was braiding baskets under a tree, and told me more about this beautiful tradition. ⁠
I couldn’t resist taking some of these handmade treasures home with me.








The breathtaking views, psychedelic carpets of coastal succulents flowers and Pablo's eternal resting place will stay with me forever.⁠



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