How Martina uses the Rosehip Rescue Balm


Meet Martina Lattanzi, the dear friend of Maiwe who played a key role in launching the Rosehip Rescue Balm with me. Art director, makeup artist, holistic skincare specialist, food enthusiast, sweetest soul, Italian-born and London-based, that's Martina in a nutshell.⁠ ⁠

One rainy day in November, I got my first e-mail from Martina. It was the kind of e-mail that speaks to you as if it had been written by someone who knew so much about you, but whom you had never met. Someone who seemed to grasp perfectly what it is I needed. I could tell she fell in love with Maiwe, and her enthusiasm, ideas and projects were so genuine and right up my alley. I was intrigued, to say the least.⁠
A few video calls later, I trusted my gut feeling and gave her 'carte blanche' on the art direction of our campaign for the Rosehip Rescue Balm. Time wasn't on our side, we had to move fast, but Martina managed to gather an incredibly talented team in London, and deliver a beautiful result that I absolutely love.⁠ ⁠ 
Besides directing the campaign, Martina also came to The Lab on the day of the launch earlier this month, sharing her knowledge during an intimate afternoon sharing skincare tips and treating you all to mini facials.⁠
Looking back to our launch day, I'm still amazed about how things just happen when you simply believe in something, and put action into words.




To help you get on track on how to use the new Rosehip Rescue Balm, I’ve asked Martina to gather her insider’s tips on our newest formula:



“Dry lips? Add some Balm! It will hydrate this sensitive patch of skin, while also restoring if the damage has already been done. A rich, smooth balm like this is a true winter essential, so keep it close when your skin might need some extra care.”




“Dry hands can be really annoying, even more so in winter. The balm will add a deep, nourishing layer to chapped, dry, flaky skin. It’s also great to keep cuticles hydrated, giving your hands a maintained, healthy look. And if you’re in need of some more care, you can also use it for hand and foot massage, for a smooth flow of movement.”






“The Balm can be used for all types of skin, as you can easily use it in specific places. Spots like the side of the nose, a flaky forehead, a dry chin, frosty ears, ... can benefit from a layer of this versatile ointment. In need of more hydration? Use the Balm as an overnight mask or a rich face cream. It’s 100% non-comedogenic (which means it won’t clog your pores), so no need to worry!”




“This Balm is also a great first layer for your make-up. Use it to hydrate eyelids and eyebrows before applying other products. On the cheeks, it’s a superb natural highlighter, adding a natural glow.”






“Keep your belly smooth by regularly applying a generous layer of Balm. It will keep the stretched-out surface well-nourished and moisturised, and help to keep stretch marks under control. As your skin might change thanks to hormonal changes, this natural Balm is safe to use all over your body, wherever it might need some extra care.”





The Rosehip Rescue Balm