The Launch of The Activated Toning Mist



Last Thursday, we celebrated the launch of The Activated Toning Mist at Patina, a beautiful new guesthouse in Antwerp runned by designer Lies Mertens. A fermented new skincare product launched by a holistic beauty brand calls for catering that's on point. Figa Kombucha introduced us to his tasty fermented teas, and Faites la Fête spoiled us with refined food inspired by the ingredients of the new Mist. Cucumber, honey, fermented ingredients, roses, it was all there.


It was a perfect evening, surrounded by an amazing group of women.


All pictures were made by the talented photographer Birgit Sterckx



Do you remember the online competition we launched through our newsletter a few weeks ago? From all the lovely entries, we selected five winners who got an exclusive invitation to our launch event and the complete Maiwe ritual (including the new Mist, handpoured by yours truly!) to go home with. I loved meeting the people behind these online connections, getting to know them and sharing this special evening all together. ⁠

I feel so grateful to have launched the new Mist in the presence of an amazing crew of beauty professionals, customers and my treasured inner circle (you know who you are!). Your friendship, attention and daily check-ins mean the world to me.⁠







"Beauty is powerful. It's an act of stillness. A moment to spend with yourself, whilst looking in the mirror, caring for your skin and what it needs. It's that moment when you decide not to run anymore. Beauty is intimate, beauty creates memories, and beauty is at its best when shared, like today."


This is how Océane Taquoi, the founder of Labelchic, introduced the workshop. The way she makes beauty feel fun, layered, serious and at times political, was what truly inspired me years ago to be a part of the beauty world as well. It's not superficial, it can be meaningful in every small detail. From the way ingredients are sourced, products are crafted, to how they are applied on the skin and the effect they have on your mood and wellbeing.

Thank you for being part of my big launch, Océane. Having you by my side to welcome the new Activated Toning Mist was the best part of the evening.






The Activated Toning Mist