Beauty Trend Report

When in Paris, we went out to research what’s hot and happening in beauty land. Parisians are always out for novelties, making it a true hub for the best skincare and lifestyle products. Based on our walks in the city, visits to incredible retailers such as Merci and Le Bon Marché and reads on international beauty platforms, we came up with the following Beauty Trend Report!





1. Minimalistic routines


Multipurpose products: make-up that moisturizes, cleansers that can be applied as face masks, mists in serums, balms with a dozen different purposes, ... We don’t want (nor need) a specific product for every step in our beauty routine anymore. Both environmentally-friendly and innovative, more and more products are combining different functions in one.

A new wave of beauty brands is bringing unisex routines with a select set of products to deliver a minimalistic yet effective routine, that can serve both you and your family.


MAIWE’s take on it: 
We’re big fans of this evolution! Less is more, when you make sure the ingredients and the products you use are of exceptional quality. For us, it also means that each product connects with the next one in our skincare routine. MAIWE’s Double Cleansing Ritual is both purifying and moisturizing, and depending on your skin type and your need for extra nourishment and care, you can play around with the combination, frequency and quantity of using the Balancing Facial Cream and the Rosehip Oil Serum.
Our new launch coming up in Spring is the ultimate multipurpose product, as it combines hydration with refreshment, care and the infusion of amazing actives.







2. A holistic approach 


Skincare and wellness go hand in hand. Many products focus on (mental) health and work preventative too. Lots of brands focus on supplements and female health. Lifestyle, the hormonal cycle and imperfections are normalized and discussed. We all know gua shas by now, but new innovations on the tool front are coming to the market. The idea to step away from botox and chemical injections, using physical facial tools instead continue to gain ground.


MAIWE’s take on it:
We are convinced that skincare alone can’t fix serious skin issues. Very often hormonal imbalances, stress and a poor diet influence your skin. As Lisah said it: “our skin is our communication tool with our inner world”. Skincare can bring relief and calm your skin, or do the opposite through irritating ingredients, drying alcohols and perfumes. We chose to leave everything out that might upset your skin. Combining a qualitative, soothing skincare routine with a colorful, fresh diet rich in fibre and vitamins whilst creating space in your life for personal joy, exercise and hoots of laughter will support your general feeling of wellbeing, and improve your skin too.
We love to combine our skincare routine with a monthly facial, which takes care of our skin deeply and relaxes our mind too.




3. Personalized products


A personalized approach is big in beauty and beyond. We visited the Tata Harper pop-up in Le Bon Marché, where you can scent your new body oil with the perfume of your choice, or have your initials engraved in your makeup pouch.


MAIWE’s take on it:
As much as we love this evolution, it requires big budgets for brands to personalize products. That’s why we focus mainly on giving personalized advice, leaving all our communication lines open (drop us a message, we usually reply within a day, or leave us a DM on Instagram). We love to hear from you!




4. Increased interest and expectation on how products are manufactured.


We were introduced to new brands that control their entire production line, by cultivating their own ingredients, from olive groves in Sicily to biodynamic farms that grow ingredients according to the cycles of the moon. Trend watchers also predict that consumers will increasingly ask questions on how a certain ingredient is manufactured and processed, leaving room for new innovations.

MAIWE’s take on it:
This is part of our core value: traceabilityWe know that in the food section, consumers already ask a lot of questions on the provenance of products, but in beauty we still often think of the content of our favourite skincare jars as a secretive, abstract combination of ingredients. MAIWE chooses transparency, while we question ourselves continuously about the social and environmental impact of our sourcing methods. Besides our socially responsible harvest in Chile, we are now investigating carbon-free cargo for our rosehip oil.”





5. Increased knowledge on the quality of ingredients


During the lockdown, we had time to become beauty specialists. Retinol, bakuchiol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, you name it, many of us became skincare specialists. Even though it still sounds a bit confusing at time, we do have high expectations of the actives our formulas contain.

MAIWE’s take on it:
We truly applaud this increasing awareness among consumers about the quality and efficacy of ingredients. Out with empty marketing promises, in with scientifically proven formulas! To say the least, our next launch is one that skincare nerds will die for.




Trends are fun to watch and take in consideration, but a long term vision on the world at large, and beauty in particular, makes the base of a successful story. We’re glad to feel so aligned with the spirit of the age, where a focus on quality, origin and efficacy prevails.