Rosehip Oil Serum Travel Size

Repair. Regenerate. Glow. 

Comfortably compact roll-on applicator, ideal for daily touch ups and target application.

A unique selection of organic rosehip extracts and oils come together in this youth-preserving serum rich in vitamin A and C and essential fatty acids that will boost collagen formation, moisturize and naturally exfoliate your skin while reducing sun damage, scars, fine lines and acne.

10 ml - violet glass bottle with rollerball

Active Ingredients

Vitamin A

helps speed up cell turnover, thickens the dermisfor plumper, younger looking skin and a brighter, more glowing complexion, and helps improve hyperpigmentation, acne, large pores, lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C

prevents pigmentation damage and has anenergizing effect which gives skin back its radiance, its even tone and its luminosity.

Vitamin E

intensely moisturizing, keeps the skin plump and smooth, its antioxidants are known for protecting against pollution and other environmental stressors.

Vitamin K

has the ability to increase elasticity and is especially loved in skincare for reducing the appearance of dark spots and under-eye circles.

Unsaturated fatty acids

especially rich in linoleic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces acne and retains moisture. It prevents comedones by working on the sebum’s texture, making it non-clogging.


+ Hydrates and repairs damaged skin

+ Treats acne and eczema

+ Treats signs of ageing, scarring and pigmentation

How to use

Gently apply and massage into cleansed skin.

Ideal applicator for an overnight lip serum. Used to treat sunburns, scars, eczema and (pregnancy) stretch marks.

All Ingredients

Rosa Canina Seed Extract
Rosa Canina Fruit Oil
Rosa Canina Fruit Extract
Rosmarinus Officialis Leaf Extract
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

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